We are much more than your regular Malvern psychology clinic

We strive to create a calming therapeutic environment, that begins as soon as you walk in the door and extends beyond the counselling room.

We provide evidence-based sensory stimulus such as lush greenery, soft furnishings, calm music and warm herbal tea to aid calm but also to promote self compassion. A way to encourage clients to soften any discomfort through healthy coping strategies.

A space that welcomes the client and diffuses the stigma

A space where the client immediately feels a sense of safety and calm. A trauma sensitive, welcoming space, with a relational focus that treats every client with acceptance, respect and compassion.  A physical and emotional space to feel genuinely heard, understood and supported. A space to release and a space to grow.

Through this space we aim to bring connection, not just connection to others but also to ourselves.

Our mental health clinicians deeply care, they are authentic and love their profession. They pride themselves on practicing what they preach, reflecting on themselves, their clients and always striving for excellence in their evidence-based learning & practice. 

clinical psychologists in malvern


We empower our clients and community through authentic connection and holistic psychological evidence based  intervention to develop a healthy relationship with their entire selves and mental health.  To encourage helpful and healthy coping strategies & relationships to sustainably live life with vitality and positive psychological well being.


To be a benchmark in private practice mental health;  to provide a boutique and authentic therapeutic experience, to shift the perception of therapy so it is seen as instrumental in self-compassion and growth.

clinical psychologists in Malvern

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