Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange an appointment?

You can make an appointment by phoning us on (03) 9112 5778 or via the contact form on the website or by emailing directly to info@humansbeing.com.au. We will have a chat with you to assess what you’re after and if we’re the right fit for each other. You do not need a referral, however, you might like to arrange a referral (called a Mental Health Care Plan) through your GP after making your appointment, as this will allow you to receive a significant Medicare rebate on your counselling sessions.

What can I expect in counselling?

A counsellor will first try and understand the nature of your difficulties. We generally ask a lot of questions in the first session to help you make you feel comfortable and at ease. The counsellor will reflect to you their understanding of your difficulties to seek clarification and ensure you agree with their interpretations. A counsellor will then suggest a plan for improving your wellbeing and life circumstances, which will include making some goals together about the outcomes of therapy.

What are your hours of operation?

Our operating times are:

Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm.

Times may be limited as they will depend on clinicians availability.

What are your fees?

We do our best to keep our fees below the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society which is currently $300 for 50 minutes.

Our fees for 50min sessions:

Director $270 initial appointment / $250 standard appointment

Clinical Psychologist $300 initial appointment / $280 standard appointment

Psychologist $260 initial appointment / $240 standard appointment

Counsellor (AMHSW) $250 initial appointment / $230 standard appointment

Family or Couples counselling $280

Extended appointments e.g. EMDR 90mins POA

All of our clinicians are registered with Medicare so with a Mental Health Care Plan you will receive a rebate of $82.30 – $137.05 per appointment. Our fees are structured to reflect the variable rebate amounts so that the out-of-pocket cost is equal with all of our clinicians. See the MHCP FAQ for more information about this.

You may be able to claim Private appointments (without an MHCP) through Private Health Insurance “Extras”. Check your entitlement first with your private health insurance provider as this varies even if you are covered for Psychology.

Cancellation policy: more than 24 hours notice = no cancellation fee. Less than 24 hours = full cost of the session.

Do you provide telehealth or face to face?

Currently, both options are available for either face to face or telehealth if you prefer.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?

A Mental Health Care Plan is a specific referral from your GP that allows you to receive up to 10 therapy sessions with a Medicare rebate per calendar year. You initially receive 6 sessions with the care plan and then you can have a Review with your GP to receive an additional 4 sessions if needed. Feel free to contact us or speak to your GP for further information.

How do I know which psychologist or therapist to see?

Prior to your session, our practice manager will have a quick chat with you to understand your situation and concerns.  They will then consider which clinician will be the most appropriate fit for you based on your needs.  You’re always welcome to read the bios of each clinician and let us know which clinician sounds right for you.

Do you work with children?

We work with ages 6 plus.   For younger children, we often work with the parents to best understand the situation and support the parents with behavioural management and parenting strategies.


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