Mindfulness Studio


Our dedicated mindfulness studio

Mindfulness studio is home to classes run by mental health professionals, who will guide you through mindfulness skills for specific mental health presentations, such as anxiety, self-compassion and mood.

Guided meditation for stress/anxiety

A seated guided talk and meditation focussing on managing unhelpful thoughts for stress and anxiety. Jeremy Neumann  is the Director and Principal Clinician at Humans Being Counselling and has over 10 years clinical experience and over 20 years of meditation practice and training. Jeremy has been clinically trained in mindful based psychological interventions and has also attended multiple silent meditation retreats of up to 10 days to continually grow his personal and professional practice.

Integral sound bath meditation

Sound Bath Meditation will guide you into an effortless state of relaxation. This sound bath meditation, facilitated by Music Therapist Rodney Pollak, uses ancient sound healing instruments which have been used for centuries to rebalance the mind, body and soul to a state of equilibrium through vibration and frequencies. The rhythmic beats, vibrations and frequencies from various instruments help reduce ‘beta-wave’ brain waves to allow for deep relaxation and awareness of your inner-self.


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